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Our Services

Planning & Consultancy

At Accelerate ITS, we believe that collaboration always delivers better results. We work with you, not just for you.

We tailor our plans to your unique business needs to increase business and drive value-added changes.  Then, we bring our ServiceNow expertise to bear. We work with your staff and support teams to design improved processes that will transform your people’s every-day work lives, matching ServiceNow’s capabilities to the efficiencies and productivity you want to achieve. We will not shy away from challenging outdated processes and legacy toolsets where we see opportunities for improvement, but neither will we suggest changes for change’s own sake.

Whether improving processes for HR, Facilities, Marketing, or Security, we’ll work with you to achieve the maximum impact from ServiceNow IT products, with a minimum of effort and disruption.

ServiceNow Implementation

We believe in faster deployments, and lower implementation and running costs.  We want you to start reaping the benefits of ServiceNow as soon as possible. So, we will work with you to create a solution that quickly realises the value of your investment. Then, our team of ServiceNow-certified consultants will deliver discrete improvements that work with the rest of your ecosystem, using Agile and DevOps methodologies.  

We also want your investment in ServiceNow to continue adding business value. To this end, we deliver strategic solutions, ensure best-practice technical approaches, and focus on optimised usability.

Whether it’s a custom application, a service catalogue, security, reporting or CMDB, we’ll aim to accelerate your return on investment and maximise value creation across your organisation.

ServiceNow Apps

We know that ServiceNow has a very comprehensive offering of solutions, but one of the great things about ServiceNow is that it is an Application Development platform.  Meaning, if you need the platform to manage a workflow that is unique, an Application can be built to do this.  The benefits of this is the NOW Platform Core functionality and common data is then available to your enterprise, including your new app.  All with a user-friendly common look and feel.

Accelerate has pre-built Apps in the ServiceNow App Store, and we can also build bespoke Apps to fit your exact requirements.   We create exciting, simple and powerful apps on the now platform. If you would like us to create a cost-free proof-of-concept business app, contact us now for more details.

Managed Services

Demand for ServiceNow managed services is growing rapidly. Our managed services service offering is tailored based on your needs and is aimed to overcome the following customer challenges.

Customer Challenges

Accelerate IT Solutions

“The internal team does not have the capacity or capability in house.”
“Accelerate ITS provides the right skilled resources at the right time.”
“The business has identified new requirements. How do we implement them to best practice?”
“Accelerate ITS provides the velocity required to meet the changes and innovation being introduced. This removes complexity and delays.”
“We need to respond quickly. We need quick access to experts.”
“Accelerate ITS provides a responsive support & maintenance service which is agile enough to meet the business requirements.”
“How do we ensure the quality and governance of our investment, ongoing?”
“Accelerate ITS can provide regular health checks and audits to ensure the ServiceNow investment adheres to best practice.”
“We need a ServiceNow partner that we can trust with our ServiceNow investment.”
“Accelerate ITS operates with the highest ethos and values a long-term commitment with our customers. We truly believe our customers success is our success.”

Don’t let your investment in ServiceNow slip –
let Accelerate ITS support & manage your instance.

From Ad-hoc Support, to a full Managed Services agreement, we have you covered.

We are able to tailor a support package to suit your business requirements.

Managed Services embodies years of hands-on experience in a variety of technologies. Whether your issue is workflow, performance, data, or integration related, or simply make an enhancement request to add functionality to your existing system, our team will handle your requests with urgent priority and deliver results.

Accelerate ITS offers ServiceNow managed services to promote continuous service improvement across your ServiceNow.